Steve Harrison

Age: 60

Turned pro: 19

Home club: Eden Golf Club

How did last season go?

“I’m still playing a little bit on the senior circuit and in the odd pro am, though I have cut it back a little bit in the last year or so. Coaching is the core of what I do, working with elite players through to professionals and delivering beginner lessons here at Eden. At the top end, I’ve built some great working relationships with players and there are some very good young players here showing some promise. I add a bit of strength and conditioning coaching in there too so it all keeps the diary pretty busy.”

How did you get into the game?

“I played football growing up in Manchester and wanted to be a professional footballer so didn’t start playing golf seriously until I was a bit older. We moved up to Cumbria and I started playing at Brampton Golf Club, which was about a mile from where we lived. I caddied for my dad, gave it a go, and played a bit in the summer while still playing football. At about 17 something clicked and I fell in love with golf. Phil and John [Steve’s younger brothers and both PGA professionals] got more and more into it and we all improved trying to get ahead of one another.”

What does the future hold?

“I’ve been at Eden 21 years now and we’ve got a great track record of producing really good players so I want to continue with that. I’d like to see the elite players I work with succeed, and I’d like to play a little bit more in the next couple of years too, before I get too old. I’m certainly still fit enough to get out there and I know I can compete if I put the practice in.”

Interesting fact?

Steve joined brothers John and Phil as the only trio of siblings to compete in a European Tour event, at Slaley Hall. The Ballesteros brothers hold the record with four brothers competing together.