Hello Ella Rose Paisley

October was a special month for us. My wife Keri was induced on October 18 at about 9:30am, because of high blood pressure, and the following morning, at 5:06 am, she gave birth to Ella Rose Paisley.

She is in perfect health and we couldn’t be happier. Throughout the pregnancy people had told us that the feelings you go through are indescribable. I tried to imagine what it was going to be like to finally meet her but everyone was right, you really cannot put it into words. You feel an emotion that you didn’t know existed. With that, and the fact that I am not a particularly good writer or orator, I won’t even try. Many of you have been through it so you know what I am talking about. 

As I write, I am on my way to Turkey to start the European Tour Final Series. From Turkey I’ll head to the Nedbank in Sun City, South Africa. Finally, it will be the Race to Dubai finale – as long I stay inside the top 60 on the order of merit. Here’s hoping I finish the season like I started it! 

Ella seems to be a really chilled out baby and has been sleeping really well so I’ve managed to get a good amount of practice and preparation in for this last run of the season. I am comfortable with my swing at the moment, so it has just been a case of trying to get the performance side of things firing on all cylinders. I’ve been trying to get plenty of games in with the other pros in the area to get sharp – you can’t beat playing for a bit of money against good players! 

Ella has definitely made it harder to leave home, but I also feel a higher sense of responsibility and motivation. It’s not a negative pressure, just a desire to do my best for my family. It’s no longer just about my own goals and me.