Titleist launches new Tour Soft and Tour Speed golf balls

RRP: £32 per dozen • Tour Speed £40 per dozen

Titleist has introduced two new golf balls – Tour Soft and Tour Speed – to its line-up.

The third generation Tour Soft features a new aerodynamic design for longer distance off the tee combined with a large, fast core. At 1.600ins, the Tour Soft retains one of the largest core sizes in the Titleist portfolio and the same soft compression as the current generation. Such a large core requires an extremely thin cover, and the ball features a 4CE grafted cover which helps generate reliable greenside spin.

Meanwhile, the Tour Speed – which was introduced two years ago and was the first ball with a proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane (TPU) cover – has also been updated. The reformulated Tour Speed continues to produce consistently fast speed, a penetrating flight and short-game control. The reformulated core delivers high speed and a proprietary high flex casing layer, uniquely designed for this golf ball, delivers low long-game spin.