The grind continues

DP World Tour player Chris Paisley on recent results and off-course progress

My missed cut streak is now into triple digits… at least that’s how it feels. 

The truth is, I have become a little bit numb to my results. I am simply trying to get my game back to a spot where I can compete against the best players. That will inevitably take care of the results. 

Since my last column, my scores have not gotten any better, but behind the scenes there are many signs of encouragement. It begins with the work I am doing with Andrew Nicholson, my coach, and my brother Andy, my putting coach. I am seeing good swings, executing more good shots, and my “natural” swing is feeling more and more natural. 

There have been encouraging signs in tournament play too. At Wentworth and Le Golf National, I felt like I was getting back to my old self. The quality of the good shots was so pleasing. The strike was better – I was hitting it high again and I had my draw shape back. There are still some bad shots in there, obviously, but I can feel myself becoming less and less worried about them. I wish my confidence and form would come back in one quick rush, but unfortunately that isn’t how it works. It seems to be a drip feed. Every day feels a little bit better, like I am closing in on my goal, and seeing more and more light. 

Having gone through such a tough time, there is inevitably a lot of noise. There are pressures and stresses that just aren’t there when you are playing well. A huge part of my job at the moment is quieting that noise as much as possible. The task in front of me is huge. That excites me because I know that when I come out the other side, I will have overcome my biggest ever challenge. I will be so much stronger for it. This run has forced me to re-evaluate all aspects of my life and game. I feel as though I have made the necessary changes and it is a matter of time until I am back playing at the level I know I am capable of.