The great escape

In order to be a good bunker player, you need to be able to extract sand, as well as your ball, from greenside bunkers.

Your club should be entering the sand behind the ball, staying in the sand underneath it, then exiting well after the ball’s original position. This motion allows your wedge to work in the way it was designed and carry the golf ball forward on a cushion of sand. 

A great way to practice this technique is to get used to hitting sand out of the bunker – without the golf ball. Without the distraction of the ball, you’ll quickly find a feel for the interaction of the club and sand and see how small changes alter how much sand comes out, and how far it goes.

This drill is great for those who hit the ball heavy, as you get the feedback of lots of sand leaving the bunker, and those who hit bunker shots thin, as little or no sand will leave the bunker.

Try this out during your next practice session, then add in the ball and work on controlling it as well as the sand.