TaylorMade launches Milled Grind 4 wedges

TaylorMade has unveiled its latest wedge design – the Milled Grind 4 (MG4) – featuring all-new Spin Tread technology.

Built on the success of its predecessors, MG4 (RRP £159) advances the Milled Grind family, offering golfers a combination of spin control, versatility and feel.

“With MG4 we have evolved our approach to wet spin,” said Bill Price, senior director of product creation, putter and wedge at TaylorMade. “We use a laser etching treatment to create face roughness, which translates to better friction and moisture channelling for optimal ball control, especially on partial shots.”

This innovation proves crucial, particularly in wet conditions, where players experience higher launches and reduced spin. By combining the laser treatment with strategically designed grooves and a raw face, engineers have achieved notable improvements in wet spin rates compared to previous models.

The technology works in a similar fashion to the tread on a tire, which creates space for water to exit so the tire can have direct contact with the pavement and better grip the road. In the case of MG4, the treads channel away moisture and allow the golf ball to stay on the face longer, imparting more spin.

MG4 also features a slightly darker finish, minimising glare and providing a more unified appearance that blends with the raw face as it oxidises over time. Meanwhile, the redesigned back geometry creates a more solid and softer feel, complementing the tour-inspired shaping and address versatility.

MG4 is available in a comprehensive range of lofts with six sole grind options, and a Tiger Woods Grind option in the 56° and 60° wedges.