Northern Golfer #1

February / March 2012


WHAT AN EXCITING Fresh faces are always a welcome addition to any company – they add interest, enthusiasm and even excitement, plus they bring something extra to the party.

So, welcome to North East Golfer. We’re new, we’re fresh and though one person’s excitement is another’s relaxation, we aim to be highly relevant to the thousands of golfers who enjoy great sport in the region.

In the North East we have golf courses we can be extremely proud of and most can stand alongside any in the land, not only for the challenge they present and the frustrations that come wrapped in their bunkers, but also for the friendly welcome and quality experience they provide. It’s something we can boast about with plenty of justification, much like a hole in one or an albatross at the eighth.

And, that’s what we’re aiming for in North East Golfer – something to crow about. In each issue (10 times a year) we’ll bring you all the news, comment and features from the big clubs, the small courses, the star professionals and rookie members you’ll ever need.

We’ll follow our juniors to keep tabs on their development and we’ll examine what makes people like Lee Westwood tick. We’ll take you on a course-by-course visit and keep you up-to-date with the latest equipment and gizmos. We’ll bring you competitions and results and events worth circling in your diary.

The best thing though, is our commitment to the North East of England and its roughs, greens and fairways – to help golfers of every ability keep ahead of the game.

Enjoy the first issue of North East Golfer – we have terrific plans and fresh ideas, so grasp that trolley and join us for the full round.