Girls Golf Rocks returns as England Golf launches Get into Golf Rookies

Girls Golf Rocks is back for 2024 and is being joined a new Get into Golf Rookies programme.

Both programmes are being run by England Golf and led by PGA-qualified coaches or Community Golf Instructors. Click here for more information and to book.

Girls Golf Rocks encourages beginner girls aged 5-18 to learn and play golf in a fun and friendly way, and it is the country’s largest participation programme for girls.

Get into Golf Rookies meanwhile aims to provide more opportunities for children and young people to learn to play golf. The programme is aimed at all children and young people aged 5-18 and will be delivered in mixed sessions.

With more than 240 clubs in 37 counties taking part this year, there are lots of venues for aspiring golfers to choose from.

Some clubs and facilities are offering taster sessions which are free for participants to attend and usually last an hour. These sessions are a great way to try out golf before signing up to the activity blocks. Both programmes offer six hours of activity, with the last hour being out on the golf course.

Activity starts in April and concludes at the end of October. Activity blocks cost £40 per participant, with each person receiving a goodie bag as part of the programme. For Girls Golf Rocks this contains a branded polo shirt, water bottle, bag and tees. Get into Golf Rookies participants receive a branded baseball cap, water bottle, bag and tees.

Lauren Spray, women & girls manager at England Golf, said: “Girls Golf Rocks gets bigger and better with each passing year, and we’re excited at the prospect of more beginner girls getting hooked on the game. Right from the start of this programme eight years ago, the ethos of Girls Golf Rocks has been to create a fun environment where girls can learn the basics of the game in a relaxed and safe setting.

“We are also really excited to be launching the Get into Golf Rookies programme for the first time in 2024, having a mixed offer for all young people and children to access and learn to play golf. We can’t wait for the programmes to start. Golf is an amazing game on so many levels. It breeds self-confidence, it encourages social interaction and it’s a healthy sport that gets people active in the outdoors.

“These beginner activities are the ideal way for all children and young people to get into golf, spend time with friends or make new ones and develop as individuals. Making sure that a young person’s first experience of golf is a positive one is absolutely crucial if we are to try and encourage a lifelong love of the game.”

All golf clubs and facilities taking part this year have achieved the England Golf SafeGolf accreditation, giving parents and guardians added peace of mind and allowing new recruits to enjoy themselves in a secure environment.