England Golf launches It’s All Golf video to drive inclusivity

England Golf has launched It’s All Golf to promote its facility affiliation programme as it aims to promote inclusivity and participation within the sport.

It’s All Golf encompasses England Golf’s mission to broaden golf’s appeal as an accessible, inclusive and enjoyable sport, allowing more individuals to benefit socially, mentally and physically from the game.

Watch the It’s All Golf video here.

The governing body’s facility affiliation programme – through which England Golf is teaming up with facilities across the country to enable access to all forms of the game – includes driving ranges, short courses, par three courses, pitch and putt courses, simulator venues, and adventure golf venues.

Research shows that golf is played by approximately 8.5million people every year in England, with half of that number playing solely at facilities other than golf courses. You can find your nearest available golf facilities here.

Furthermore, via England Golf’s iPlay platform on the MyEG app, anyone can engage with an interactive and fun scoring system, where they can log scores from any affiliated clubs, short courses or mini golf courses, and view their average score while playing with family or friends.

Matt Draper – club, county and membership director at England Golf, said: “The goal of the facility affiliation programme is to help bring the whole golfing community together for the benefit of the sport. We want to introduce more and more people to the game of golf, to help ensure a sustainable and long-term future for the game. We know there are more people from different backgrounds, age groups and genders coming to play golf and being introduced to the sport through hitting balls on driving ranges, playing simulator golf and even through the surge in popularity of adventure golf. We want to promote this side of the game as fun and accessible, and provide a place in which everyone is welcome to come and give it a go. We know there is a huge pool of people interested in the sport and if we can encourage them to keep playing golf, whether that’s continuing to enjoy the fun experiences these types of facilities provide, or taking the step up to playing on a golf course and getting golf club membership, the better our sport is going to be. But to do that, we need to work together.”