Drive and chip with Mizuno’s latest driver and wedges

Mizuno ST-G 220 driver and T22 wedges
RRP: Various

Mizuno’s latest ST Series driver, the ST-G 220, boasts a new SAT2041 Beta Ti face and complex carbon construction to deliver fast ball speeds and great feel along with unparalleled adjustability. 

The combination of three tracks and two moveable weights mean the ST-G (RRP £449) can be set for ultra-low spinning drives or playable mid-spinning options, with fade or draw bias in both.

Meanwhile, Mizuno has also revealed the newest iteration of its teardrop wedges – the T22. The Grain Flow forged wedges (RRP £155) are available in four different sole grinds for varying techniques and conditions with a microlayer of copper beneath the nickel chrome finish delivering an extra split-second of control at impact.