Cleveland releases all-new CBX full-face 2 wedges

Cleveland has announced details of its new CBX Full-Face 2 wedges.

The new design is more forgiving, featuring a larger face, as well as HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip technologies.

With a high-toe profile, CBX Full-Face 2 (RRP £159) has 13% more contact area than the RTX Full-Face wedges, helping players feel more confident when presented with open-face shots.

Joining this new generation of CBX wedges is ZipCore, a low-density core designed to expand the sweet spot and upgrade moment of inertia for more forgiveness. Combined with a hollow-cavity design, ZipCore helps push the centre of gravity directly behind the impact zone, while the Gelback vibration-absorbing insert improves feel.

The striking areas on the CBX Full-Face 2 are integrated with new HydraZip technology, which uses dynamic face blasts and laser lines that maximise friction for improved spin consistency in all conditions.

Finally, UltiZip technology allows the wedges to cut through debris more consistently through the specialised sequence of grooves, which are sharper, deeper and tightly spaced for enhanced spin, control and consistency.

The wedges also feature reshaped sole grinds. The Full Sole design offers more bounce on lower lofts for stable, full swing shots. The C-shaped sole on higher lofts provides added bounce in the centre, along with relief around the heel and is designed to optimise the balance between forgiveness and versatility. All sole grinds feature a new bounce chamfer that helps the wedge get in and out of the turf from a variety of attack angles, and prevent chunked chip shots.

“Our new CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge allows golfers the freedom to get creative around the greens and in tight yardages, with the perfect amount of spin control,” said Dustin Brekke, director of engineering at Cleveland Golf. “With the biggest face ever on a CBX wedge, you’ll be able to strike the ball anywhere on the face with more forgiveness, while enjoying controlled stopping power in any conditions.”