Christmas present

The best and worst Christmas gifts from non-golfers

I’m sure all of you reading this have a collection of Christmas presents from year’s gone by stored somewhere in your house. Each one carefully chosen by a non-golfing relative and each warmly received, of course, but they’ll never see the light of day.

I took a look at my collection recently and was surprised by just how much there was in there. It’s grown steadily over the years, sitting beside a collection of old golf bags. Hoarding golf paraphernalia is a big part of the game, isn’t it?

All the ‘classics’ were in there – golf balls harder than diamonds, novelty knick-knacks in every form imaginable and many pairs of unopened novelty socks. There was a chipping net in there, two books of golf jokes, a right-handed golf glove, an automatic putt returner, a toilet putting game and a plastic scorecard holder. There are also numerous caps, beanies and assorted pieces of clothing in many other locations.

However, a few Christmas gifts are always warmly welcomed.

First of all, there’s a special place in every golfer’s heart for those relatives who ask which golf balls you play then present you with a fresh dozen on Christmas morning. My favourites presents also include a fantastic Geometric George Pringle jumper – an itchy wool garment which I wouldn’t be without; FootJoy socks are always a must; and a pair of microwaveable hand warmers which are essential during the colder months. Vouchers, for retailers and golf lessons, are always a safe option as well.

Aside from those listed above, all other gifts from non-golfers are destined to be stored at the back of a cupboard – hoarded for no obvious reason.

Here’s to all those who’ll be opening a hip flask, socks and cheap golf ball combo set this Christmas morning. Happy Christmas!

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