Chris Paisley: Job done

After quite a lot of articles talking about frustration, staying patient, progress, and process, I can finally write about a huge success – my third place finish at the Italian Open.

It was my best performance as a pro to date, and a very important result for my career. I have secured my job as a European Tour player for another year. It was a massive week for me for many reasons, and you can read more about it on the next page. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, the messages I have received since that week have been overwhelming and humbling.

Enough about that, let’s talk Ryder Cup! Where do I start? Other than the fact we got spanked, what an incredible event! I know there were some negatives (I’m looking at you, PJ Willett, and those few idiotic American fans) but the level of golf was off the charts. People (myself included) cannot fully appreciate how difficult it is to perform under that much pressure and scrutiny, but the boys certainly delivered. The Americans were simply better on paper and on the day. Most significantly there was an enormous gulf in class on the greens.

I know some folks may not have liked the ‘unruly’ nature of the event, but I loved it. It was nice to see a little bit of WWE-esque atmosphere thrown in for a change! The way the players were reacting after holing putts and winning holes showed just how caught up in the atmosphere they were. I thought the eighth hole of the Rory vs Reed match was one of the best things I have ever seen on a golf course. In regular events, we pros are trying to stay level headed and patient. We try to ‘stick to the process’, but let’s be honest, it can get a little dull! Why not have players fist pumping like maniacs?

It’s not stuff we need to see every week, but every now and then it is good for the game. I hope the Americans enjoy the trophy for these next two years. I’m confident we’ll win it back in Paris, and I’ll be doing all I can to be part of the team that does it!