A Round With… Andrew Scrimshaw & Martyn Jobling

The Albatross Golf Holidays & Events founders share their favourite places to play, their most embarrassing moments, and who would make it into their dream fourballs

PGA professionals Andrew Scrimshaw and Martyn Jobling have built a reputation for hosting industry-leading tournament experiences at some of the world’s greatest golf venues, and offering a full golf travel service catering to all golfers’ needs since launching Albatross Golf Holidays & Events in 2018. As well as running their business, they continue to compete in PGA events and coach, and between all of that we caught up with them for a round…

1 How much golf do you get to play?
Andrew: My playing schedule has changed a lot since the days when I was competing full-time. My time on the course is now focused on events with clients as Albatross has become a full-time job and then some. I still love to compete and will play a bit in the summer, and I hope I can get more time to play as the business develops.
Martyn: Like Andy, I’m playing less these days as Albatross continues to grow. I’m expecting to play 12-16 events and pro ams this season and can still compete when I get a run going.

2 How did you get into golf?
Andrew: When I was 10, I took part in a youth club scheme at Prudhoe Golf Club and was hooked. I got free membership as part of that and went on to get involved with a big group of juniors. Then all the top players at the club took us under their wings and I developed from there.
Martyn: My parents lived 200 yards from Morpeth Golf Club and when I was seven, I got a cut-down, wooden-shafted wedge. I’d pull my dad’s trolley and chip around until I was 10 and joined the golf club. I also got into the junior coaching early and developed from there with a big group of guys who would all play and compete together.

3 Which is your favourite course in the North East?
Andrew: I’ve done well at Goswick over the years, in Open Qualifying and pro ams, and always enjoy going back. I was also attached to Close House for a while and think it’s unrivaled in terms of golf experiences in the North East.
Martyn: I love links golf and Goswick is so special. Dunstanburgh also stands out for its combination of golf and views.

4 And further afield?
Andrew: Kingsbarns and Royal County Down are iconic and offer experiences which are incredible. Even further afield, I always enjoy going to Las Brisas in Spain, and Pearl Valley in South Africa is phenomenal.
Martyn: Royal Portrush is amazing for the overall experience of the golf course, club, history and town. Overseas, Le Golf National in France opened my eyes to what a golf course can be in terms of condition, challenge and overall experience.

5 What’s your best score?
Andrew: I shot 10 under-par at Regnum Carya in Turkey in a pro am in 2020.
Martyn: I’ve shot 10 under-par at Morpeth, but as a professional my best score is six under-par at The Nottinghamshire to win the Foremost Assistants’ Championship in 2016.

6 Which is your favourite golfing memory?
Andrew: The last putt I hit as an amateur – a six-footer at Close House in the Champion of Champions – is one I remember. As a professional, making it through Local Qualifying for The Open for the first time at Goswick, breaking the course record and birdieing the last two holes was special.
Martyn: I’ve got loads of fond memories of ridiculous up and downs as a junior, but my favourite memory was just after winning the PGA Fourball Championship with David Clark. It was the biggest win of my career, but what stands out most is texting my mum, who wasn’t well at the time, and her reply about how happy she was for me. That was the last text she sent me before she passed away four days later.

7 What about your most embarrassing moments on the course?
Andrew: There have been plenty, including hitting it through the top window of the clubhouse at Hexham – and the ball bouncing down the stairs next to [former NE/NW PGA secretary] Tom Flowers, who presented me with it when I came in. However, the worst one was on the first tee of a pro am ahead of the PGA Professionals’ Championship at The Oxfordshire. I was playing with the club’s owner and ripped my trousers, had to get changed into my waterproofs on the tee, and sent the starter to my room to get a new pair – not the best introduction ahead of four hours together!
Martyn: Playing in a PGA event at Bishop Auckland, I climbed into a narrow, concrete-lined ditch to play a shot, snapped my wedge in the process of hitting the shot, and didn’t get it out. What made it embarrassing was having [NE/NW PGA chairman] John Harrison watching me, and the disappointed look on his face as I climbed back out of the ditch with my broken wedge.

8 Do you have any golfing superstitions?
Andrew: When I was younger, I used to feel like I had to do everything perfectly from the moment I got out of bed in order to play well. The more I relaxed, the more I realised I didn’t have to do all those little things to play well.
Martyn: I’m not superstitious at all, though I do like to use a ball with the number one on it in tournaments.

9 What are your strengths on the course?
Andrew: Having been wild off the tee when I was younger, I’ve straightened things out and now drive it well, which is a good skill to have anywhere you play.
Martyn: I’m a very solid putter, and I still fancy my chances against anyone in a putting competition.

10 And your weaknesses?
Andrew: Like any pro who doesn’t practise enough, I can always tidy up my short game.
Martyn: My weaknesses also come from not practising enough, and my ball striking with the irons isn’t what it used to be.

11 Which is your favourite club in the bag?
Andrew: My PING G425 LST driver.
Martyn: My Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 putter.

12 Who is your best golfing friend?
Andrew: I still really enjoy playing with the guys I grew up with at Prudhoe whenever we get a chance to get out on the course together.
Martyn: Much like Andy, I love to get out with the lads I grew up with at Morpeth. We played so much golf together as kids, it’s great whenever we get together.

13 What would you be doing if you weren’t working in golf?
Andrew: I couldn’t imagine being outside the golf industry, but having built a business and been around so many people who have done the same thing, I think being an entrepreneur in another field would be interesting.
Martyn: I really enjoy organising golf trips and events, so I’d probably be doing something similar outside of golf.

14 Who is your favourite golfer?
Andrew: Meeting Rory McIlroy at Lough Erne as part of a Faldo Series event was one of my earliest experiences of seeing a tour pro in person. The clinic he did, including hitting greenside bunker shots with a six-iron, was ridiculous. He has more ability than any other player I’ve seen in person.
Martyn: There’s no contest for me, it has to be Tiger Woods! No one has come close to his level in all the time I’ve been playing and watching golf.

15 Which golf event do you enjoy most?
Andrew: Playing in Final Qualifying for The Open is an amazing experience. It’s always a great day with so much up for grabs and so many big names in the field.
Martyn: I really enjoy our Dubai pro am event in November – the weather, city, tournament experience and golf are all incredible.

16 Who do you admire?
Andrew: When I was playing full-time, working with [former Newcastle Falcons coach] Steve Black was amazing. It was so cool to learn from all he’d experienced through coaching elite athletes. My coach, Andy Paisley, has also been a really important friend and mentor.
Martyn: My neighbour until he passed away recently, Mr Slater, was just a great bloke. He taught PE, had time for everyone, and was admired by so many people.

17 Which three people would join you in your dream fourball?
Andrew: I’ll go for a mix of comedy, business and golf with Michael McIntyre, Peter Jones and Tiger Woods.
Martyn: I’d pick Tiger Woods and my sons, Owen and Gabriel.

18 If you could have one mulligan, when would you have used it?
Andrew: You can keep it as I think to be successful in golf and business you have to fail a lot and each one of those failures leads to where you are today.
Martyn: On the golf course, it’s annoyed me for years that I decided to lay up with an iron on the 13th at Morpeth when I had a two-shot lead in the club championship. I pulled it, lost the ball, made double-bogey, and lost by one to my brother.