Think like the pros

One of the fastest ways to improve your scoring is to think about a round of golf in the same way the professionals do. Improving your shot selection can lead to huge improvements in scoring – and you can do it without hitting any shots.

Each par four and par five does not automatically require driver from the tee, and the best players assess each hole before choosing a club on the tee. Are there hazards at your driving distance? Can you find the green with your second shot while taking that trouble out of play? Is there a better angle to the green if you play to a specific part of the fairway?

You should apply the same process on your approach shots. Look for bunkers, water and run-off areas, and assess where you can and can’t miss the green. Also think about the club you’re using for your approach and factor in your shot tendencies. From there, work out whether it’s best to play to the flag and risk a tricky up and down or aim for the centre of the green in the knowledge that a less than perfect shot will leave you with a putt for birdie rather than a difficult chip or bunker shot.