TaylorMade introduces TP Reserve putters

TaylorMade has expanded its putter range with the launch of the premium milled TP Reserve line.

The family features three classic blade shapes and three refined mallets. Created with soft 303 stainless steel, machined-in grooves on the face reduce surface area, creating a softer feel and crisp sound. The putters also feature fine linear mill marks across the face with a set of grooves machined at a specific depth to achieve optimal sound.

TaylorMade engineers also created four different fitting options via a combination of shaft and hosel designs for selective toe hangs.

“There is a large bucket of golfers that love the look of a classic putter shape, and we took the time to carefully craft performance in a way that is a brand-new opportunity for us,” said Bill Price, senior director product creation, putter and wedge. “The story of TP Reserve is about style, craftsmanship and character which can be seen in every aspect of the putter. We sweated the details, received tour feedback and went with refined edges, thinner toplines, new flange thickness and blade length to create putters built off exactness instead of sameness.”