Shot Scope debuts PRO ZR laser rangefinder

Shot Scope has introduced its first metal hardshell rangefinder, which is packed with features to help elevate your game.

The PRO ZR (RRP £299.99) is equipped with a DuraShield Hardshell – Shot Scope’s new robust and durable metal casing fit for life on the course. Combined with Rapid-fire detection and an enhanced Target-lock vibration, the PRO ZR is the company’s most advanced rangefinder to-date.

“The addition of the PRO ZR to our line-up of products is very exciting and we’re pleased to be able to offer golfers another option to advance their game. The rangefinder is a game-changing design for us, with the DuraShield Hardshell adding an extra layer of confidence in the durability and feel of the product,” said David Hunter, chief executive officer of Shot Scope.

Other features in the new rangefinder include a built-in buggy magnet, Shot Scope’s ultra-clear LCD display and Red / Black dual optics, 1,500 yards range, and adaptive slope technology.

Players also gain access to Shot Scope’s free mobile app, where they can access aerial GPS maps of any course in the world.