Sally Hinton and Stewart Pilgrim among first awardees in PGA’s new Excel assessment framework

Close House’s Sally Hinton and Stewart Pilgrim – who recently moved from Teesside Golf Club to Houston, Texas – are among the first batch of awardees in The PGA’s new Excel assessment framework.

Replacing the association’s previous APAL system, PGA Excel enables PGA members to demonstrate their impact, achievements and value to employers, golfers and the wider in-dustry.

Stewart has been awarded Advanced PGA Professional status, while Sally received Fellow PGA Coach accreditation as PGA pros across the country were honoured.

Following an extended period of assessing and marking submissions, more than 40 PGA members have been awarded a new designation that demonstrates their impact and achievement within their specialist membership category (PGA Professional, PGA Coach and PGA Manager).

The following PGA members have been awarded in the following categories:

Advanced Fellow: Adrienne Engleman, Fame Tate
Fellow: Graeme Fish, Mark Daubney, Keith Baxter, Adam Keogh, Rodney Holt, Robert Irvine, David Patrick, Simon Race, Mike Shrieve, Chris Long, Nicola Stroud
Advanced: James Thomas, Martin Hastie, Natasha Gobey, William Far-ley, Chris Gill, Darrel Ranson, Jordan Gallagher, Paul Wilkinson, Jordan Massey, Stewart Pilgrim, Robert Daw

Advanced Fellow: Ben Knight, Daniel Grieve
Fellow: Sally Hinton
Advanced: Daniel Lacy, Mark McGeehan

Master: Simon Wordsworth
Fellow: Gary McGlinchey, Bert Mackay, Matthew Sandercock, Brendan McDermott, Daniel Barton, Charles Molony
Advanced: Nick Daniels, Sean Clark

Commenting on the success of the first batch of PGA Excel awardees, Tristan Crew, PGA executive director – membership, said: “We are delighted to announce our first PGA Excel awardees and I would like to congratulate them all on their success.

“These quarterly PGA Excel awards are designed to reflect and reward the achievements of PGA members for their impact across the golf industry, and these individuals have met the progression criteria and have succeeded in their chosen fields.

“As PGA Excel continues to grow, we expect to see more PGA members taking an interest in their career progression and advancing their designation status upwards to Advanced, Fellow, Advanced Fellow and Master. In doing so they are not only meeting their career needs but also the needs of the golf facilities or companies that employ them.”