Reviewed: Under Armour Drive Pro E golf shoes

Our body’s only connection with the ground throughout the golf swing, finding shoes which grip the turf effectively – particularly in the early part of this season in the north of England following unprecedented rainfall – has been vital.

Step forward the latest spiked shoes from Under Armour – Drive Pro E (RRP £150).

Developed with golf biomechanist JJ Rivet, the shoes feature the latest development in the brand’s HOVR foam insole and the new Swing Support System – a three-layer structure that supports the natural movement of the golf swing, delivering comfort and traction. Developed with athletes including Jordan Spieth, who wears the shoes on tour, the Drive Pro E shoes promises a lot in terms of performance.

The big development in this year’s shoes from Under Armour, the Swing Support System provides both swing performance and comfort straight out the box, with a reassuringly tight – but never uncomfortable – fit which hugs your whole foot and can be refined with the new lacing system developed specifically for these shoes. It’s important to note we wore these straight out of the box for nine holes and had no issues on the course, and the shoes were supremely comfortable throughout – both when hitting and walking.

In terms of grip – which is delivered by a specially designed combination of five Soft Spike Tour Flex Pro cleats and four of Under Armour’s own cleats designed for this shoe – the performance was excellent on every shot. We felt assured in our footing on every swing – even on some more questionable ground – and could not fault the spiked design’s performance on what could have been tricky ground for shoe testing.

A comfortable shoe which performs during the swing and when walking, while the brilliant white and bold blue accents – along with bullet point list of technology on the side of the shoe – may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s nothing we could fault in terms of comfort or performance in the Under Armour Drive Pro E shoes.