Ready for winter – PowaKaddy winter accessories range

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PowaKaddy has updated its range of winter accessories, including enhanced Winter Wheels and new, electronically heated ThermaMitts.

Each accessory has been designed with the winter golfer in mind and has been engineered to satisfy the needs of any player in even the most adverse conditions.

The newest addition to the range is the electronically heated ThermaMitts. Heated by microwire technology, they warm up quickly and offer a combination of comfort and warmth. The microwire heating layer is evenly spread throughout the mitts to distribute warmth onto the hands, while the simple control button offers three heating levels.

Meanwhile, PowaKaddy’s ergonomically designed Winter Mitts have been designed to keep your hands warm in the coldest of winter conditions while being quick and easy to attach to your trolley handle.

A staple of the winter accessories range, the Winter Wheels – developed in association with the British International Golf Greenkeepers Association – feature a unique, patented design to keep you moving throughout winter.