PTx Tour irons launched by Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment, the company founded by the eponymous golfing legend in 1953, has launched a new players’ iron offering a combination of power and precision.

Drawing on the services of some of the best club designers in the game and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the PTx Tour irons (RRP from £699.99) seek the best possible blend of distance, consistency, trajectory control, looks and feel through four different forged constructions.

Special attention has been paid to the size and shaping of each iron to deliver a seamless transition from club to club – from the four-piece long irons to the one-piece short irons.

The long-irons (4-5) use a four-piece construction to help golfers hit their longest irons higher and farther, particularly on mishits, with the bodies and faces forged from 1025 carbon steel to deliver the best feel and consistency. The inside of the head is foam-filled for enhanced perimeter weighting and a soft, solid feel, while internal tungsten weights further enhance forgiveness and move weight lower in the clubheads to help golfers increase peak height and maintain ideal distance gapping.

The PTx six-iron boasts a three-piece construction – its design not requiring a tungsten weight as its weighting is already precisely tuned. The mid-irons (7-8) also use a three-piece construction to help golfers create the lower, more consistent trajectories that are ideal for scoring. Between the 1025 forged carbon steel bodies and faces lies a co-forged titanium insert that enhances forgiveness while moving weight higher to prevent ballooning.

The one-piece structure of the PTx Tour short-irons (9-PW) is aimed at delivering precision. Forged from 1025 carbon steel to deliver the ultimate in shot-making performance and control, these are scoring clubs made with the highest level of precision.

All the PTx Tour irons feature 4° loft gapping and an enhanced V-SOLE design with a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge to help the clubhead move cleanly through the turf, even from the longest rough.