Pro-file: Tom Cranfield

Age: 31

Turned pro: 23

Home club: Durham City Golf Club

How has this season gone?
“I’m in my third year at Durham City and things are going really well. I don’t play a lot of tournament golf these days, between a car accident I had in my early 20s and working on setting up the business here, but I hope to get back out on the golf course a bit more in the next few years. Off the course things are going well with a new layout for the shop and the new swing studio complete with GC2 technology ready to go now just ahead of the winter months.”

How did you get into the game?
“I took up golf relatively late aged 14 at Colchester Golf Club having played football and rugby growing up.
“I got down to a seven handicap within a year and got into the Essex team within 18 months. From there I kept progressing through the system until I turned pro in my 20s.”

What does the future hold?
“In the short term, having the swing studio with the GC2 technology is a massive boost to our work through the winter months.
“I’d like to keep building my reputation and business here, particularly when it comes to custom fitting thanks to the new technology. I’d also like to improve more as a coach, working with players of all abilities, and build a good reputation in the area.”

Interesting fact?
Tom was the youngest ever head pro in the Essex Golf Union – aged 27. As an amateur, he made eight consecutive birdies from the fifth to the 12th at Colchester Golf Club.