Pre-shot routine

When you watch the world’s best players, you’ll notice every player has a specific routine. Players use these routines to make sure they are in the right mindset to hit each shot. When they’re on the range, they’re thinking about swing technique, drills and how to improve mechanics. When they’re on the golf course, they’re focussed on each shot. A good example routine includes these four steps:

1. Pick a target

The key here is to analyse what is around you and pick a small, precise point beyond your target – a pylon, a bench or the corner of the clubhouse for example. Remember, aim small – miss small.

2. Practice swing

A practice swing should be a relaxed rehearsal of the shot. Think about how you’re going to swing the club to produce the shot.

3. Setup to the ball

The key here is alignment. There are a few different ways to do this – some are happy to align themselves to a small target in the distance. Others like to pick an intermediate target 2-3ft in front of the ball. Use an alignment stick on the range and find the process which works best for you.

4. Pre-shot look

Take one last look at the target before settling into your stance and taking the club away. If you’re comfortable at this point, let it go.

These steps are simply a guide. Next time you’re practising, think about how you prepare for each shot and create a routine which works for you.