Goswick Golf Links awards first-ever community grants

The recipients of Goswick Golf Links’ first-ever community grant programme have gathered at the club to share how they will use the funds to help make a difference in Berwick-upon-Tweed and the surrounding area.

Those at the event included Berwick 4th Guides (represented by Phyl Wigham); Northern View Berwick (represented by Karen Renton); Berwick District Cancer Support Group (represented by Roger Peaple and Ann Short); Berwick Stroke Club (represented by Jocelyn Lamb); Berwick Rangers Juniors (represented by Steve Ingram); and Berwick Rugby Club (represented by Chris Budsynski). Friendship Circle Youth Club also received a grant but was unable to attend the meeting.

Goswick created this new fund comprised of approximately 1% of the visitors green fees it collected during its previous fiscal year ending September 2022. Then, last autumn, the club invited charitable organisations that operate within Berwick Upon Tweed to apply to receive grants of up to £500 each.

To be eligible for consideration, the applicants needed to demonstrate a sustained commitment to some or all of the following priorities: the development of young people; contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of the local environment; participation in golf and other sporting or recreational activities; arts, culture and local heritage; and community health and wellbeing.

A committee consisting of the current and immediate past club and lady captains, Goswick board member Sandra McGonigle, and Berwick Upon Tweed town councillor Paul Jackson reviewed the qualifying applications and determined the grant awards.

“These organisations’ commitment to their causes is inspiring and their gratitude for the club’s generosity and support is heartfelt,” said Sandra, who spearheaded the new programme. “As we see it, these grants are the least we can do to give back to the community that has been so good to Goswick. Hopefully, if the demand for golf on our links continues to grow, we can take this outreach effort to an even higher level a year from now.”