Fujikura completes VeloCore+ collection

Fujikura has added its 2024 VENTUS Red and VENTUS Black shafts to the VeloCore+ collection.

Building on the success of the 2024 VENTUS Blue, the new additions are engineered with groundbreaking VeloCore+ technology.

VENTUS Red (MSRP $350) is designed for golfers seeking a mid-high launch and mid-spin profile. Ideal for players who desire a higher ball flight with stability, VENTUS Red incorporates Fujikura’s VeloCore+ technology, offering a further evolution of performance and design. The premium bias core material construction promotes greater energy transfer, resulting in enhanced ball speeds and distance while maintaining accuracy and control.

For golfers with faster swing speeds looking for a low launch and low spin profile, there’s the VENTUS Black (MSRP $350). This shaft offers golfers stability and control, helping players achieve a more penetrating ball flight with increased ball speeds.

“The launch of 2024 VENTUS Red and VENTUS Black represents another significant milestone for Fujikura,” said Fujikura product and brand manager Spencer Reynolds. “Joining the already successful VeloCore+ family of products, the incorporation of Red and Black into the line-up provides even more versatility for our charter dealers and fitters wanting to offer incremental gains and unique performance benefits to multiple player types.”