England Golf tees off new era with iPlay

England Golf has launched iPlay, escalating its drive to connect with all golfers who participate in the game at any level.

Through the existing MyEG app, iPlay users can submit unlimited scores from not only all affiliated golf clubs, but also a variety of off-course facilities including adventure golf and short golf courses in England.

By registering to join iPlay, users will be given a unique membership number from England Golf, which will allow the individual to connect and begin their golfing journey.

England Golf chief executive Jeremy Tomlinson said: “iPlay is a fun new platform designed to remove any perceived barriers into the game by actively welcoming people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to begin their golfing journey and inspire a desire to go as far as they wish to with their game. We passionately believe that golf is for everyone, and anyone who plays, or wishes to play, should feel comfortable to do so.”

England Golf launched iGolf in 2021 to drive participation in the game, with the platform allowing golfers who are not members of a golf club to input scores and obtain a Handicap Index.

More than 50,000 people have now signed up for the platform, with more than 6,500 going on to become golf club members. Those signing up to the new iPlay service will be able to connect with iGolf subscribers as well as golf club members, and England Golf is hoping iPlay will follow in the footsteps of iGolf by bringing more people into the game.

Jeremy added: “The incredible take-up of our iGolf platform has inspired us to extend our reach with iPlay and the hope of connecting with as many new golfers as possible who want to take up this great game. Of course, the natural progression is for iPlayers to become iGolfers, but we are happy with whatever level anyone wants to participate at.”

England Golf currently has 720,000 active golf club members, and Tomlinson hopes those numbers will grow in the coming years as a result of the introduction of iPlay.

“Whether it’s playing short courses, adventure golf, enjoying a pitch-and-putt course, or going all the way to playing 18 holes on a golf course, iPlay provides that chance for people to progress their interest in the game, at any level,” he added. “If the desire is to play more then we have that pathway for them too, in iGolf, where they can obtain a Handicap Index. We passionately hope that iPlay will encourage people to connect with England Golf, feeling supported on their golfing journey, wherever it may lead.

“The iPlay platform is just great fun and further confirms our commitment to influence behavioural change in helping to make our sport much more inclusive, a vision embodied by our Respect in Golf movement.”

For more information about iPlay and to sign up click here.