Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Pitchfix Hybrid 2.0

It may not be the most glamorous piece of kit in your golf bag but your pitch mark repairer is something you’ll use a lot (or only occasionally on a bad day) so having something which does the job properly, without jabbing you in the leg or disappearing among tees and ball markers every time you need it is really important. We’ve had tons of these things over the years, from the flimsy plastic types through to logoed varieties and plenty of the overly priced branded ones you find in your stocking at Christmas. With such great knowledge of the market, it was quite surprising just how much the Pitchfix Hybrid 2.0 impressed us. The top of the range model from Pitchfix, the Hybrid 2.0 incorporates a switchblade function with protection collars (so no more jabs in the leg as you read your putts); an integrated pencil sharpener, which we’re still raving about after a couple of months and a magnetic ball marker to show off your club or event logo. Available in 17 colours, this is the best tool we’ve found for the job and it’ll be with each of us for a long time to come. Pitchfix designs and produces a wide range of products to suit any pocket, including the excellent, award winning three-pronged Fusion 2.5 with it’s patented RepAirTec pin technology – voted best in class by Golf Digest Magazine for the last two years. You’ll find the full range of products at