10 out of 10 – PING 2022 putter models

RRP: £280

PING has introduced 10 new putter models, each designed to achieve the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look using various combinations of the company’s proven technologies.

The 10 models consist of high moment of inertia blades and ultra-forgiving multi-material mid-mallets and mallets.

Rather than applying one common technology to every model, engineers applied proven innovations to different head styles to improve performance.

Traditional blades include the Anser and Kushin 4 headshapes, and the new Anser 2D design. Meanwhile, the new Mundy design is a multi-material mallet and the tour-proven DS72 and Prime Tyne 4 return with new looks, while the Tyne G – a hybrid of the original Tyne and popular Fetch designs – adds to the mallet offering.