Tony’s amazing journey

Nearly 30 years ago Tony Burridge was given just three days to live.

His life was saved by chemotherapy and despite complications, needing a kidney transplant from his wife Lesley and suffering from Parkinson’s, the 57-year-old Whitburn golf club member doesn’t believe in moaning.

Instead, he’s involved himself in a host of charity initiatives including Whitburn’s Help for Heroes – which has raised around £80,000 at the last count, raising money for local hospitals, and now Macmillan Cancer Support’s Longest Day Challenge.

The challenge involves the 17 handicapper playing four rounds of golf – the first one at 4.30am in his pyjamas in Whitburn’s Summer Solstice competition – and then another three rounds over the course to complete 72 holes.

Tony is mainly flying solo although club pro Greg Jobling will join him for the second round and son Danny could be involved along with some of his golfing mates in the final two rounds, while wife Lesley will be driving a buggy with supplies. When he needed a new kidney, miraculously Lesley proved to be a match.

“I know it sounds like I’ve been through the mill a bit but there a lot of people out there who are far worse off than me and I’ve just wanted to give something back for all the help I’ve received,” said Tony. You can sponsor him at