Sweet striking

Many of the poorly struck shots I see week-in week-out are caused by players keeping their weight on their right side too long (for the right-handed golfer). This lack of stability and correct weight transfer causes the hands to take over and creates ‘flipped’ and ‘scooped’ shots rather than the properly struck ones we’re all looking for to bring our scores down.

This drill is great for feeling where your weight shifts through the golf swing and improving your ball striking.

Using a mid-iron, take your normal stance with the ball positioned level with your left leg. From this position, move your right foot back behind you and leave only your toes touching the ground (just like in the picture).

Take a few short practice swings to get the feeling of your weight being stable and over the ball. You can then start to hit some half and three-quarter shots from this position. You should feel more stable and start producing better strikes in no time.