PING unveils G Le3 family for women

PING has introduced the G Le3 family of clubs, continuing its industry-leading commitment to bringing women golfers lightweight, score-lowering technology engineered and custom-made exclusively for their games.

“Our on-going commitment to engineering lightweight, easy-to-hit, premium clubs for women is rooted in PING’s long history of supporting women’s golf, dating back to the early 1970s. It started with my grandparents, Karsten and Louise Solheim, and continues today with the Solheim Cup and other game-growing initiatives,” said PING executive vice president Stacey Pauwels, who oversees the development of PING products made exclusively for women.

“The G Le3 family offers a full set of performance-engineered, custom-made clubs that deliver added distance, unmatched forgiveness, a confidence-inspiring look and a pleasing sound. In developing the line, we also made proper gapping a top priority to help ensure women get the best results from their set. That starts by visiting an authorised PING fitting specialist to determine the ideal set make-up and specifications, based largely on the player’s swing speed. We’re confident when custom-fit to the correct set configuration, women will see tremendous benefits from every club in their bag.

“We’re excited to bring this game-enjoyment technology to women, and with the rapid expansion of the women’s game, including unprecedented popularity with a new generation of golfers, we look forward to helping them lower their scores and have more fun on the course.”

The high-MOI G Le3 driver (RRP £499) is designed and custom-built with lightweight shafts and grips to help slower-swing-speed women golfers enjoy higher-launching, longer-flying tee shots. To accomplish that, PING’s engineers developed a 460cc titanium head with a forged face to get the best results from swing speeds of 80mph or less.

Meanwhile, the new fairway woods (RRP £299) – available in three-, five-, seven- and nine-wood lofts – have been engineered with an emphasis on ball speed and high launch, with the stainless-steel heads featuring a maraging steel Face Wrap to optimise flexing while reducing spin, making each loft a reliable and consistent choice from anywhere on the course, including the tee box. A lower, more forward centre of gravity better aligns with the force line to deliver 7.5 yards more distance than its predecessor.

Continuing the success of previous generations of PING’s women’s line, the G Le3 irons are designed as an iron/hybrid combo solution, allowing golfers to create the ideal set make up with optimal gapping. In the stainless-steel irons (RRP £160 each), more ball speed is achieved through a lower centre of gravity position and custom-engineered lofts, producing measurable and predictable distance gains throughout the set. Available in six- through nine-iron with three wedge options (PW, UW, SW), the G Le3 irons and wedges also benefit from a metal-wood style face structure and a multi-material PurFlex cavity badge, contributing to more consistent face flexing along with a soft, pleasing feel and sound. For bunker shots, PING engineers applied the proven design attributes of the iconic EYE2 sand wedge.

The line-up also features hybrids (RRP £250 each individually; £160 each in combo sets) in four, five, six and seven lofts as well as four putter models – Anser, Fetch, Ketsch and the new Louise model (RRP £275, Ketsch £375) – engineered with a white, two-piece Pebax elastomer insert consisting of a soft front with PLD-inspired shallow grooves and a firmer back to ensure the optimal combination of feel, forgiveness and distance control.

The range uses PING’s proprietary ULT250 Lite and Ultra Lite premium graphite shafts as standard throughout the metal woods and irons to bring down the overall club weight while helping generate more clubhead speed and higher launch. The Lamkin ST Soft Grip is available in two sizes (Red -1/32″, Aqua -1/64″). Along with its score-lowering technology, the G Le3 family is distinguished by a sophisticated colour combination of navy, gold and silver accents.