Northern Golfer #82 – Summer 2020

The European Tour has returned with a fantastic event at Close House, the number of people playing golf has grown massively, and Northern Golfer is back with this special digital Summer 2020 edition to support and celebrate clubs, retailers and golfers across the region.

The excitement of March, those final days before the season begins, was pulled out from underneath us this year. We are all still trying to come to terms with and manage the devastation caused by coronavirus. Lives, communities and businesses in every industry, including golf, have been rocked by the global pandemic. 

Since golf returned, the game has provided a chance for thousands to relax and exercise in the fresh air – something we’re incredibly thankful for and celebrate in this special edition. Following the reopening of courses, retailers and clubhouses have also reopened and golf is providing a welcome slice of normality. Golf is booming across the country, with a industry-wide survey recently reporting a 70% increase in the number of rounds played in June 2020 compared to June 2019.

Our goal remains, as it has been for the last eight years, to entertain our readers and support the game of golf in every way possible in the North East, North Yorkshire and beyond, and we’ve got a lot to cover.

The highlight of the North East’s golfing calendar in 2020, the British Masters at Close House, is the perfect launchpad for this first post-lockdown edition. Renato Paratore’s win was a sensational way to kickstart the European Tour season and whet our appetite for a packed schedule of top-level golf across the UK, and on pages 20-22 we look back at the success of the British Masters.

We’ve also caught up with columnists Chris Paisley and Simon Olver, put together a round-up of new gear releases as possible, and filled our pages with positive stories from clubs and golfers around the region.

We hope this edition entertains you, and that you continue to support our clubs and retailers in the weeks and months ahead.

Stay safe, and enjoy the rest of the season.