Growing the game with Golf in Society

Social enterprise Golf in Society has teamed up with venues across the North East to help people living with chronic illnesses such as dementia and Parkinson’s Disease enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of golf.

Setup six years ago, Golf in Society delivers sessions using short courses and practice facilities for people suffering from a range of health conditions.

This year, sessions will take place across the UK, including in the North East at Wearside Golf Club, Matfen Hall, Morpeth Family Golf Centre, and Cocken Lodge. 

The social enterprise’s work in the region is being co-ordinated by Anthony Etchells, who was inspired to get involved by his dad, Eddy. Anthony said: “Golf in Society has been growing across the country but it has never made it to the North East until now. My dad suffered from both dementia and Parkinson’s, and he always wanted to play golf but there was nothing in the region that could accommodate him. He is my inspiration for wanting to get involved in the project and bring it to the North East.

“The sessions aim to help people in a number of ways, including the physical side of golf and the mental and social wellbeing benefits of being out in a green space socialising with others – something which can really help people with dementia.”

As well as providing a safe and enjoyable session for those taking part, Anthony also hopes to offer a respite for carers during the two-hour sessions, which are delivered by Anthony and trained volunteers.

For information on how to take part in the sessions in the North East and how to apply to be a volunteer, contact Anthony by email on or tel 07984 374 441 •