Greenwatch: Communicating with members

WITH Jon WyeR, Rockliffe hall

Most major autumn renovations on greens have either been completed or are underway, and now final preparations are being carried out to ensure the turf is strong and healthy enough to withstand the winter weather and the coming winter golf.

Mowing heights are now being raised and mowing frequency will alter due to the turf’s growth slowing down with the temperature change. With the weather in a changeable state and ground conditions starting to soften, it presents an opportunity to aerate worn and compacted areas by either deep verti-draining or hollow coring.

It is these types of operations and working practices, along with other smaller practices such as applying fertiliser and chemicals or top dressing, that both visiting golfers and members should be made aware of, especially when the work carried out is major renovation works. Although some of these procedures cause little to no disruption to playability, it is important that golfers are informed of the on-going maintenance on the course, as it may affect the players’ experience and expectations. It’s important to keep the golfers and club members regularly informed on what’s happening with the course, as well as the benefits and reasons as to why the operation is being carried out.

This information can also highlight any risks or hazards a golfer may need to be aware of while experiencing the golf course.