Evnroll launches new V-Series line

Evnroll has unveiled its new V-Series putter line for 2023, featuring interchangeable weights alongside a choice of hosel options.

The line aims to offer golfers the accuracy and dispersion benefits of Evnroll’s patented face groove technology along with the ability to customise toe hang and offset to suit their putting stroke, and dial in their preferred swing weight and stroke preference.

The flagship model of the 2023 V-Series, the EV5 features 3×3 Versatility. This family is available in three colour options with three rear chassis designs (EV5.1, EV5.2 and EV5.3) and a choice of hosel options. Each putter design features a precision CNC Milled 303 stainless steel face and front section with a choice of three interchangeable 6061 aluminium back chassis designs to suit different requirements.

The stainless-steel face and front section of each putter provides the feel of a blade from the hitting area while the rear aluminium chassis and four tungsten weights positioned deep and low offer the CG and MOI benefits of a mallet. The addition of six weight ports provide precision weighting for targeted swing weighting as well as dynamic toe flow options and perimeter weighting MOI benefits.

EV5.1 is an artistic shape and the simplest for aiming with a standard single top sightline and linear rear wings that curve back towards the centre. EV5.2 offers a standard single top sightline and two cavity sightlines that draft off the rear centre line for those players who prefer multiple sightlines in their setup process. It also features a linear rear wing for macro aimers.

EV5.3 provides a standard single top sightline coupled with a clean rear linear shape that provides a rectangle aiming window for both parallel and perpendicular aiming.

The EV5 series is available in three colour options: satin (RRP £419), duo (RRP £419) and black (£469).

Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, the EV2 and EV8 boast new streamlined designs to
create a premium low-profile look at address. The addition of two deep-seated, rear multi-material weights help to increase MOI providing added stability. A thinned out topline, squared off rear bumpers and redesigned sole create a modern, sleek looking blade that seemingly blends into the putting surface, while the redistribution of mass behind the hitting area provides optimal sound, feel and feedback.

The EV2 is available in Satin (RRP £419) and Black (RRP £469) while the EV8 is available in Satin (RRP £419).

Meanwhile, the EV12 (RRP £419) is a compact mallet with oversized performance. The body is precision milled from a block of extruded 6061 aluminium, surrounded in the rear corners by 303 stainless steel wings. At three times heavier, the steel wings amplify stability and
Forgiveness, and are precisely milled to three different weights to maintain a tour-preferred D-7 swing weight at any length.

The EV12 MOI Mallet is available in black and white colour options.

Borrowing its design from the innovative 2022 ZERO putter, the new Z.1 (RRP £449) features the same fourpoint extreme weighting and powerful ball-sized zero alignment. The .1 indicates the shortslant inline hosel shafting that allows the putter head to flow effortlessly down the target line.

The ultra-light aluminium body has a hollowed-out, ball-sized zero in the centre which moves mass to the four corners of the head. Engineered for enhanced stability and accuracy, the Z.1 features the patented Gravity Grip that ties the hands to the putter face to significantly improve face angle control.

Evnroll has also added the EV2 and EV5.2 in Duo to the award-winning Midlock product line.

Midlock (RRP £429) is armlock made easy for regular golfers. The secret to the Midlock putters is in the patented grip design, which features the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA. By positioning the grip sideways, the deep pistol pushes the shaft angle away from the mid-forearm reducing the typical 9-degrees of loft in an armlock putter to just 4-degrees – similar to a simple forward press. This comfortable setup allows for an effortless one-piece putting stroke.

All new models will be available from end of March 2023.

All Evnroll putters are 100% milled in Carlsbad, California. Each design features the patented Sweet Face Technology – a unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.