Better ball striking

A common cause of poor ball striking for amateur golfers stems from trying to get under the golf ball in the downswing in order to lift the ball into the air.

While this would seem the logical approach, our clubs are designed to do this for us as long as we strike down on the ball.
When you try to lift the ball, you will often lose height in your right side during the downswing (right-handed golfer).This will cause fat and thin shots and often lead to well struck shots flying on a higher trajectory.

Tips2The drill

This simple drill will help you to maintain your height in the downswing and improve your ball striking.

Grab a long iron and tee your ball up. The ball should be teed high enough to be able to go straight underneath it should you lose your height. When you achieve a consistent strike off the high tee* you will have gained the correct feeling of maintaining your height and you’re well on your way to better ball striking!

*expect the ball to fly right to left in this drill just like playing off a lie with the ball above your feet