The gateway to better putting

Like so many players do, I found myself a fantastic putting drill last season which helped me improve my stroke and it yielded some fantastic results.

However, more recently the putter has gone off the boil so I visited my friend Andy Paisley at Hexham and, using his putting studio complete with the SAM Puttlab and laser pointer, found I was aligning the putter 2-3ins right of the target.

It is incredible how easy it is to abandon the fundamentals in favour of improving a more complex element of the game – particularly with the putter.

Here’s a drill I have been using since then which helps set the putter correctly every time – combine it with technical drills and you’ll be holing more putts in no time.

The drill

You don’t need expensive equipment or even a laser pointer and a wall for this drill. Simply find a flat section of the putting green and mark a target point or choose a hole around 4-5ft away. Then, using tee pegs or two balls, create a gate 1-2ft infront of you just wider than a golf ball. Now simply practice rolling the ball through this gate – it’s incredibly simple but now a key part of my putting practice.