The dreaded sh****

‘The 45 degree hossle rocket’ or dreaded shank can be devastating to your game and to your confidence – but there are a few simple things you can change to get your swing back on track fast.

In the simplest terms, a shank is caused by the club returning to the ball further away than the point at which it started. This movement in the clubhead’s position is caused by one or both of the following: your weight moving toward your toes or your arms being thrown away from your body in the downswing.

Rather than trying to stand further away from the ball (which will increase the chances of these two movements taking place) take a leap of faith and try to stand a little closer. This will encourage your arms to move closer to your body on the downswing. From here, think about keeping your weight slightly towards your heels through the downswing – allowing the grip of the club to return to its position at address.

These two thoughts should eliminate those horror shots in no time.