TaylorMade unveils 2024 TP5 and TP5x golf balls

TaylorMade has unveiled further details of its 2024 lineup of golf balls – including new TP5 and TP5x models.

The latest evolution of the TP5 family (RRP £44.99 per dozen) introduces an all-new Speed Wrapped Core that impacts sound, feel and overall performance – creating TaylorMade’s fastest (TP5x) and softest feeling (TP5) tour balls to-date.

The TP5 franchise, which debuted in 2017, features a proprietary five-layer construction which has evolved to enhance tee-to-green performance with new technologies that boost distance, wind stability and greenside control. In 2019, TaylorMade introduced the Speed-Layer System, incorporating High-Flex Material (HFM). In 2021, the brand introduced the Tour Flight Dimple Pattern – a design innovation that aimed to maximise aerodynamics, reduce wind resistance and add carry distance.

The 2024 models rely on a combination of new technologies to provide the biggest jumps in performance to-date. The most impactful change is the first-of-its-kind Speed Wrapped Core, which produces a softer sound with better feel while paving the way for a faster overall construction.

“Our learnings from countless player and tour tests show that golfers, unsurprisingly, favour a softer more muted sound with added distance. Historically, the challenge has been the inability to improve one without negatively impacting the other. With this understanding, we’ve evolved our golf ball design process by uniquely decoupling feel and speed through material advancement, a complete departure from the conventional. The material-level advancement positions our TP5/TP5x family as having the best feel in the industry with faster constructions,” said Michael Fox, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, golf balls.

TP5 and TP5x represent two distinct choices that cater to different player preferences. The TP5 offers a softer feel with enhanced spin around the green, with the new model offering lower driver spin than the prior generation. TP5x prioritises ball speed, making it the ideal choice for golfers seeking increased velocity off the clubface, with the new design delivering a reduction in driver and long-iron spin, with a focus on distance while maintaining greenside control.

Meanwhile, the 2024 pix golf balls (RRP £47.99 per dozen) build on the visual technology of ClearPath Alignment. Compared to previous generations, the new model features a longer centreline and additional colour contrast, offering golfers easier alignment and more precise feedback on the greens. In response to consumer and tour feedback, the new pix graphic has shifted from a triangle to a diamond shape, and has been rearranged with a more centralised orange colour palate.