Miami trip for Michael

Middlesbrough Golf Club’s Michael Hay continued his preparation for a golf scholarship in the US with victory in the Association of Colleges National Golf Championships.

Michael, 18, represented Middlesbrough College at the event and was the leading male golfer. He was also part of the North East team – alongside classmates Daniel Norman, 16 and Sonnie Alder, 17 – which finished in second place.

Michael, who is heading to the US for a four-year scholarship at Nova Southeastern University, said: “I’m really excited about going over to the US. I’d love to make it as a golf professional but my plan at the moment is to play as much as I can and see what the standard of other student golfers is like.

“I train two days a week at least and spend a further seven hours on the course too. Golf rules my life!”

James Atthey, who is based at Stokesley Golf Range, coaches Michael at Middlesbrough College Golf Academy.

Michael added: “I’m really lucky that James – who has been my coach since I was young – is at college. He’s helped me enormously and it’s partly thanks to him that I’m off to Miami next summer.

James added: “Michael is a talented golfer who works hard in college and on the course, and he deserves this. I’m thrilled he won the AoC National Championships as the standard of competition was strong. This is only the start for Michael and he’s off to the US with the backing of everyone at Middlesbrough College.”