Latest tech: Podfo insoles

The Gear pages of Northern Golfer are filled with shiny new equipment – from the latest clubs to innovative golf balls and the latest fashion but we rarely see products from outside the game’s big names making an impact on players.

Podfo, a bespoke biometric insole designed in the North East, is doing just that – as Hexham Golf Club-based professional Jonathon Richardson has found out.

Jonathon suffered from leg, lower back and foot pain in his early professional career and visited a Podfo supplier for a full biomechanical and gait analysis. He received a set of insoles as part of his treatment plan and has since gone on to win his first event as a pro.

“Around two years ago I started to experience lower back, leg and foot pain on the golf course and as a result I found myself subconsciously restricting my golf swing to compensate,” says Jonathon. “The time I spent in recovery after particularly challenging competitions increased dramatically too. The pain became so intense that I considered giving up golf altogether.

“In October 2017 I visited Podfo supplier The North East Foot Centre and they found the pain was caused by a combination of the downward force of my golf swing and my own biomechanical limitations. Two days after my fitting I was back on the golf course and was physically less fatigued while my recovery time had vastly reduced. Two months on and my lower back, leg and foot discomfort disappeared altogether. It feels fantastic to be able to take each swing with confidence.”

Having been measured and fitted by a podiatrist, Podfo insoles provide corrective foot control as part of a wider treatment plan, while supporting natural movement to help reduce the risk of pain or injury when standing, walking or running.

The insoles are light and highly durable – they have been tested to withstand the equivalent of 25 back-to-back ultra-marathons without any deterioration. It’s also breathable and can be washed without losing any shape or form – perfect for long summers of golf.

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