Horseplay proves a final twist


Amputee Colin Poole produced a remarkable final twist at South Moor Golf Club to win the club’s England Golf gold medal event.

Colin, 65, led the 105-man field by one shot with a stunning save at the final hole – playing his ball from a ditch by twisting his prosthetic leg into an unorthodox position.

Colin, who lost his right leg six years ago when high cholesterol led to a blocked artery, said: “At first it looked as if I would have to concede a penalty stroke and take a drop shot – but I had an idea. Twisting my prosthetic leg behind me at the knee joint made it possible to hit the ball sitting down. I gripped down a little and got the ball out of the ditch and onto the fairway.

“Not losing that shot made all the difference.” Colin, who returned a nett 67 in the event, plays off a handicap of 22 and held a single-figure handicap before losing his leg. A retired pub landlord, he plays three times a week at South Moor.

“I have had to learn how to stand differently. It’s been a long process and I still tend to ‘lock in’ a bit when I am swinging,” he added.

“The only practice I can do is a bit of chipping so it’s down to improving when I play on the course. I am still learning but I am making progress. I’ve had to change my putting stance a lot but that is coming good.”

Colin’s luck came in twice during the round after a wayward drive at the eighth. “My tee shot hit a horse’s head in the field next door and bounced back onto the fairway!” he said.