Eyes down

While putting is a very individual part of the game, there are specific things which the best putters in the world all do…

I’ve seen as many great putters with unique styles as I’ve seen poor putters who look like they could hole everything.

One thing which many of the best have in common, and that we can all look to emulate, is how still they keep their eyes during their stroke.

Once you’re setup over the ball, you want to keep your body quiet as you swing the club. The task sounds simple, but it can be challenging as we’re playing a result-oriented game and we want to see how we’ve done. While it can be hard, we must train ourselves to not peek at the hole too soon.

Keeping our eyes focussed on the ball until after the stroke is finished stabilises the head and body – leading to greater consistency by eliminating unnecessary movement. Next time you’re practising from 8ft, try and listen for the ball dropping into the hole rather than looking for it, and see how this improves your hole-out percentage.