Clean as a whistle with Caddyboo

Caddyboo Golf Towel
RRP: see website for details

We see all kinds of new products at Northern Golfer and very few of them make it past a week of testing. However, with course furniture including ball washers out of action, the Cadyboo Golf Towel has proved indispensable and found a permanent place in our bags. This pocket-sized microfibre towel sits inside a leakproof outer shell which is held closed with a magnet. Simply wet the towel before you play, pop it in your pocket and it’s on-hand every time you step onto a green. A simple, inexpensive product which we’ve found super useful – this will be staying in our bags from now on. Caddyboo also supports good causes across the game, partnering with organisations including Alzheimer’s Society, Anna Golf, The Cairns Cup and many more.