Charlotte Naughton and Alex Boyes help England U16s beat Ireland

England Under 16s won all three sessions to complete a 15-9 win over Ireland at Carton House Golf Club.

In the Saturday morning foursomes matches, England – including Ponteland’s Charlotte Naughton and Teesside’s Alex Boyes – came out on top 5-1. They then edged a close fourballs session 3.5-2.5 in the afternoon.

With Ireland facing a mammoth task to try and win on the final day in the singles, England showed their mettle once again as they sealed a 6.5-5.5 win in the session.

Charlotte and Alex were among five unbeaten England players – Charlotte winning all three of her matches as Alex earned 2.5 points.

England Girls assistant performance manager India Clyburn said: “It was a great win for the team. The standard of golf was high from both sides which was great to see going into the winter training period. We played with a great team spirit and togetherness which was awesome to see. We’d like to extend our thanks to Golf Ireland and Carton House for hosting us so well and we look forward to returning the favour when we host Ireland next year.”

Day 1 Foursomes: Ireland 1-5 England
Kate Dillon/Niamh O’Grady (Ire) lost 1up to Chloe Tarbard/Charlotte Naughton (Eng)
Adam Fahey/Gordon Sillett (Ire) lost 4&3 to Alex Boyes and Harry Cox (Eng)
Olivia Costello/Molly Campbell (Ire) lost 3&2 to Sadie Adams/Matilde Santilli (Eng)
John Doyle/Charlie Smyth (Ire) lost 2&1 to Ben Bolton/Jack Swift (Eng)
Hannah Lee McNamara/Gemma McMeekin (Ire) lost 5&4 to Mia Ingham/Annabel Peaford (Eng)
Evan Monaghan/Finlay Eager (Ire) won 7&6 versus Charlie Rusbridge/Cameron Mukherjee (Eng)

Day 1 Fourballs: Ireland 2.5–3.5 England
Molly Campbell/Niamh O’Grady (Ire) lost 2&1 Charlotte Naughton/Annabel Peaford (Eng)
Adam Fahey/Gordon Sillett (Ire) finished all-square with Alex Boyes & Harry Cox (Eng)
Kate Dillon/Gemma McMeekin (Ire) won 1up against Mia Ingham/Matilde Santilli (Eng)
Evan Monaghan/Finlay Eager (Ire) lost 4&2 Charlie Rusbridge/Cameron Mukherjee (Eng)
John Doyle/Charlie Smyth (Ire) lost 3&2 to Ben Bolton & Jack Swift (Eng)
Olivia Costello/Hannah Lee McNamara (Ire) won 5&4 against Sadie Adams/Chloe Tarbard (Eng)

Day 2 Singles: Ireland 5.5–6.5 England
Molly Campbell (Ire) lost 5&4 to Charlotte Naughton (Eng)
Charlie Smyth (Ire) lost 2&1 to Alex Boyes (Eng)
Olivia Costello (Ire) won 2up against Sadie Adams (Eng)
Evan Monaghan (Ire) finished all-square with Ben Bolton (Eng)
Kate Dillon (Ire)finished all-square with Matilde Santilli (Eng)
Finlay Eager (Ire) lost 1up to Jack Swift (Eng)
Niamh O’Grady (Ire) won 2up to Annabel Peaford (Eng)
Gordon Sillett (Ire) won 5&4 against Cameron Mukherjee (Eng)
Hannah Lee McNamara (Ire) won 1up against Mia Ingham (Eng)
Adam Fahey (Ire) lost 2up to Charlie Rusbridge (Eng)
Gemma McMeekin (Ire) finished all-square with Chloe Tarbard (Eng)
John Doyle (Ire) lost 2&1 to Harry Cox (Eng)