Review: Big Max Blade IP trolley and Aqua Sport 2 bag

Golf trolleys are a bit like supercars (stay with me here) each new one has to be lighter, faster and more eye-catching than the last – it also helps if they one you have to test has bright red bits on it too.

The latest model in Big Max’s fold-flat line on push trolleys, the Blade IP, ticks a lot of the boxes straight out of the boot of the car. Today’s playing partners catch the bright red wheels and distinctive flat profile straight away, while the accompanying Aqua Sport 2 bag in matching black and red sparks much excitement on the way to the tee.

The most important thing for me when choosing a new push trolley is how easy it is to get up and going (leaving more time to practice or in my case, eat breakfast). The Blade IP is quick out of the blocks – it’s just a case of clicking the front wheel into position and lifting the handle section up and into place – no faffing trying to attach muddy wheels here. The straps and bag mounts make adding your bag on super quick too – I particularly like how the bag locks onto the trolley above the front wheel to stop it twisting (a really pain when you’ve got a bit of OCD).

On the course, the Blade IP is solid and great to get to grips with. The wider profile helps it stay upright in the wind better than my previous trolley while the brake pedals are easier to access than on many other designs.

As for the Aqua Sport 2 bag, I loved the storage space – particularly on the front with three pockets including a cooler pocket. The putter slot on the top of the bag is also handy – it accommodated a big putter grip better than many of the other 14-way divider bags I’ve used. While we’ve been blessed with sunshine this summer, I’m sure the 100% waterproof setup will come in handy too – and mean I’m not racing to sit down for Sunday lunch having had to unpack a bag full of damp winter gear.

While the Blade IP and Aqua Sport 2 bag represent a decent investment in your equipment (trolley RRP: £299.99 and bag RRP: £239.99) it’s one I’m sure I’ll be reaping the benefits of in the months to come.