Take your time and turn on the power

With PGA professional Doug Brolls

If you find yourself getting nervous, particularly with the driver in your hands, here’s a great thought to keep your swing moving.

When nervous, amateurs tend to speed the swing up and make it shorter – rushing back to the ball to get the shot over with. That rush, or creating a snatching motion, doesn’t allow you to turn and have the fluidity needed to hit good golf shots.

If you feel a bit of nerves coming on, try to concentrate on making a full motion to the top – whatever that full motion is for you and your swing. A good thought, even if you can’t physically make it to the position, is to turn your left shoulder (for the right-handed golfer) behind the ball. This thought promotes a full rotation as well as the required lower body movement, and gives you the time to make a full swing. From there, you can turn back to the ball in a good, powerful position.