Putt for dough

Golf is full of old phrases, but the one I really like to get players thinking about is ‘drive for show, putt for dough’. The golf swing is important, but we make more strokes with the putter than any other club in bag – and it’s the one that’s easiest to practice.

Rather than spending all your time on the range, dedicate a good portion of time to the putting green and use these two drills – I’m sure your scores will improve.

Drill one – Par 18
Pick nine putts ranging from 20-30ft around the putting green, mixing up angles, uphills and downhills, and left and right breaks to better simulate the sequence of putts you’ll have in a round. Use your on-course pre-shot routine for each stroke and see if you can get all nine balls in the hole in 18 strokes.

Drill two – Par nine
Place nine balls around the hole ranging from 4-8ft. Using your pre-shot routine, try and hole out from each position.

Try these two drills and look to improve your score each time. The pressure soon builds as you improve and it’s a great way to practice with a purpose and create a little pressure, which is ideal when you face the same kind of putts on the course.