Picture this

One of the most important parts to achieving strong decision-making and delivering good shots around the green is painting a picture of each shot before you make contact with the ball.

Try to visualise the way the clubhead will meet the ball, how it will fly towards its target, and where it will finish before you take the club back. On the course, before each shot, rehearse the swing then produce a good shot. Try it next time you’re on the course…

See it
Picture the shot – its flight, where it will land, how it will react when it hits the ground and how it will break. From there, choose the right club to paint that picture.

Feel it
Around the green, it’s important to feel the club working back and through the ball – feel how it reacts to the ground and how you will produce the result you’ve visualised. I haven’t got a set number of practice swings; I’m simply gauging how I’ll swing the club to produce the desired result. Once you find the feeling, get up there and hit it while it’s fresh in your mind.

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