New year, new start

Every golf professional will tell you – the worst swing advice you’ll ever hear is from your playing partners.

We’ve all heard them over the years and more often than not they’re far more destructive than the actual fault. All of these ‘tips’ without proper analysis of each individual can cause further problems – for example…

Keep your head down
Keeping your head down can lead to poor rotation – take a look at Rory McIlroy’s head position at impact and you’ll see that keeping your head down is not important. The key is maintaining height from your setup position.

Keep your left arm straight
While some of the best and strongest players in the world can maintain this position, for many amateurs thinking about this will increase tension, leading to a lack of rhythm and poor ball striking.

Pause at the top
For some players a pause at the top of the swing is essential for their rhythm. However, trying to add this to your swing can cause big issues for your rhythm.

Slow down
A classic and one we hear so often. Slowing down is the last thing 99% of amateur golfers should be thinking about – particularly through impact. Instead the focus should be on finding, and maintaining, your natural rhythm.